Gifts from the heart: Father's Day 'gift' guide

This isn't your typical "gift guide" because these gifts are more about making memories rather than buying something he'll forget about five years from now.
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Erin James, a Go Ask Mom blogger, offers this craft for dad.

Finding the perfect Father's Day gift may seem like an impossible task.

So let's break it down.

What a dad wants for Father's Day is dependent on many factors.

Fathers with young children may just want a few hours of peace and quiet, whereas fathers with older children may just want to spend quality time with his kids.

This isn't your typical "gift guide" because these gifts are more about making memories rather than buying something he'll forget about five years from now.

If you're dad is anything like mine, a literal gift is the opposite of what he wants. So I've come up with some ideas that will hopefully inspire you this Father's Day.

1. A heartfelt card

If your dad is anything like mine, a heartfelt card goes a long way. And I don’t mean a card with a simple:

Happy Father’s Day!

Love, Delaney

I mean a card that fills up all of the empty space on both sides and maybe the back, too.

Give yourself 15 minutes to sit down and write something that is truly from the heart.

What’s your favorite memory with your dad? What do you love most about your dad? Maybe it's his dorky dad jokes or the way he texts you every morning to let you know what the weather will be -- despite the fact that you have eyes and can look outside. Maybe it's just the fact the he's your dad. Write it down.

2. Fishing or hiking trip

If your husband or dad is more of the outdoorsy active type, then why not spend Father's Day outside doing what he loves.

Pack up the poles and bait or load up the bikes in the car, and go spend the day in nature.

You can even pack a lunch and find a spot to have a picnic.

Raleigh has plenty of gorgeous trails and parks to spend the day at.

3. Gift card

Okay, I know this might sound lame. But hear me out.

If you can't think of something specific to get your husband or dad for Father's Day, a gift card may be the perfect solution.

Not only does it allow them to pick out their own gift, but it gives them an excuse to leave the house and be alone for a few hours.

Parents with young children can understand the desire to just be alone for an hour or two. If you get him a gift card to Home Depot or another one of his favorite stores, then you save yourself the stress of picking out a gift and give him the chance to truly enjoy his special day.

He'll definitely appreciate seeing his kids even more after a few hours of alone time.

4. Take him out for beer and BBQ

I mean, this one is pretty self explanatory. You can't go wrong with beer and barbeque.

5. DIY gift

Something that's fun for everyone is a DIY gift.

I remember having so much fun doing this as a kid. My mom, brother, sister and I would go to a pottery studio or craft store and make our Father's Day gifts ourselves.

To this day, my dad still has all of the hideous mugs, popsicle stick frames and paintings (if you can even call them that) in his office at home.

It's cheesy, but it's a gift he'll love and keep forever.

6. Round table

If you have a big family like mine, or even if you have a small family, take turns sharing your favorite memories of your husband or dad.

If you're a family who likes to cook, give him a glass of whiskey or wine, sit him in front of the TV and play his favorite movie while you all cook a delicious homemade meal.

Maybe it's because I'm Irish, but there's something special about eating a good meal and sharing stories.

If it's a beautiful evening, go sit around a bonfire in the backyard and keep the good times rolling.

As a daughter, I feel like I sometimes forget to tell my dad how much he means to me. And what better day than Father's Day to remind your dad why he's so special to you.

If you're feeling blocked, here's a story to help inspire you.

I was at a cousin's wedding about 15 years ago. I was 12 years old, so naturally I was going through an awkward phase. I hadn't quite figured out how to socialize with other human beings yet, so I was sitting alone at the dinner table -- feeling awkward. Then out of the crowd, here comes my 6-foot-4 dad, boogying his way over to me. He grabbed my hand and said, "Come on Del, let's go dance." I laughed and grabbed his hand as I (awkwardly, of course) made my way to the dance floor. In that moment I went from being an uncomfortable 12-year-old sitting alone to having the biggest smile on my face while my dad and I made complete fools of ourselves on the dance floor. My dad always knows how to put a smile on my face. And since that day, my dad and I have made it a tradition to tear up the dance floor at every family wedding we go to. It's our thing, and those are the memories I'll never forget.

As annoying and embarrassing as they may be, you only get one dad. So cherish him while he's still here. Focus on making memories that will last; don't worry about buying that expensive nose trimmer or knife set that Google says is the "perfect Father's Day gift."