Duke professor answers questions about child sex abuse

Dr. Robin Gurwitch, a professor at Duke University Medical Center's Center for Child and Family Health answers questions about child sexual abuse.
Posted 2018-04-09T21:30:15+00:00 - Updated 2018-07-13T17:42:31+00:00

Dr. Robin Gurwitch is a psychiatrist and faculty member at Duke University. She is a recognized expert in understanding and supporting children who have experienced trauma and disasters.

1. How prevalent is child sexual abuse?

2. Do you know why females are more often victims than males?

3. What are the psychological impacts on a child of being sexually abused?

4. How often is the abuse committed by a stranger versus someone the child knows?

5. Are there differences in how sexual abuse affects a child based on the child’s age when the abuse occurs?

6. Why do children tend to stay silent about sexual abuse and what impact does that have on them?

7. When a child discloses abuse to a parent, how can the parent’s reaction impact the child?

8. If a child keeps the abuse a secret until adulthood how can that affect them as adults?

9. How can children be effectively treated for child sexual abuse?

10. How often do child victims of abuse become abusers themselves later?

11. What can be done to prevent child sexual abuse?

12. What advice would you offer to a victim of child sexual abuse?