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Boy rescued from Neuse River after nearly drowning

Raleigh police were dispatched to a water rescue of a boy on Wednesday afternoon.
Posted 2023-06-14T22:03:54+00:00 - Updated 2023-06-15T06:31:07+00:00

Raleigh police were called to help a boy who got into trouble on Wednesday afternoon in the Neuse River.

Emergency medical services responded to the scene at about 3:44 p.m. at 5428 Allen Drive at the Old Milburnie Dam, where they found the boy, who was about 10 years old.

Authorities say that surrounding swimmers saw the boy floating in the water face down and thought he was playing.

A bystander jumped into action when they realized he was unconscious.

Rick Wilson, a 911 caller, describes the discovery as someone started CPR on the boy.

"They picked him up and got him up on the beach over here and called 911," Wilson said.

He says it took a while for EMS to locate the scene, in which he had to call them four times.

By the time help arrived, the boy was out of the water and conscious when taken to the hospital around 4:06 p.m.

There are signs around the area warning people to swim at their own risk.

Police reminded those who swim in rivers, lakes or ponds to know their location to make reporting easier when an emergency happens.

"There needs to be more eyes on what's going on," Wilson said.